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"Looking for a solution for your door and hardware needs? Look no further."


DOOR SECURITY SOLUTIONS (DSS) TRI-STATE / DENISCO KINDLER GROUP has the answers that make sense for your particular building needs whether in an educational setting, health care environment, entertainment facility, retail locale or other setting. Our product representatives in the field are experienced and well-versed in specific market issues. Furthermore, our openings are comprised of door and hardware products from manufacturers who have been producing high quality, innovative products for generations.

In addition to understanding the special needs of each building type, we have developed solutions for applications, such as openings that require access control, high security, antimicrobial protection or handicap accessibility. And, we go far beyond total opening solutions... Just take a peak at the list of our manufacturersfor a representation of the breadth and quality of the products we can provide for your building needs.

Regardless of your needs, be assured that DSS Tri-state has the solutions.


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